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0 Thoughts on “Foo Fighters Meme

  1. Wow, see i don’t think i could do this meme…

  2. I’m so stealing this.

  3. Fun!

    Now me:

    1. pick a band and answer only using the band’s song titles: The Hooters (first thing that came to mind. sheesh.)
    2. are you male or female: She Comes in Colors
    3. describe yourself: Concubine… ha ha. Fightin’ on the Same Side
    4. your best piece of advice: Give the Music Back
    5. describe your last relationship: Hanging on a Heartbeat
    6. describe your last crush: One Too Many Nights
    7. say something to someone you have a crush on: Private Emotions
    8. say something to an ex: Driftin’ Away
    9. say something to someone who hurt you severely: You Never Know Who Your Friends Are
    10. how do you feel right now: Heaven Laughs

  4. I think I did this one a couple times, using first Warren Zevon and then Billy Joel. It’s a fun meme.

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