Snow and Appointments

I’m just going to ramble, don’t mind me…

We’ve only seen 2 venues so far and of course the snow delayed this even more.  We saw one last weekend that was “ok” but nothing that really excited me.  We of course can’t do the place in Maine.  We were supposed to see a place today but the snow was just so bad and they hadn’t fully plowed yet.

I’m going to try to squish in 2 appointments for tomorrow if I can move one an hour later :rolleyes:  I wish I could take a few days off just to look at all the places at once and make a decision.  Can you tell I’m not comfortable waiting?

I swear that once the venue is set I’ll be more relaxed, no really.  I figure everything else can be done in time but this is something that needs to be pinned down.

The only other thing that is getting to me is I want have to lose weight.  I have a kind of style I like and I don’t want to not be able to wear it because I’m too big.  I’ve joined the gym again at worth for the 10,000th time and will be doing that on my lunches now so I may not blog AS much during the daytime.

I just want the snow to go away because I’m convinced I’ll be a happier person once it’s gone.

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