Mr. Yoda and I have a new game.  My friend Jusy won me this penguin and I decided to name it after her.  One morning when I got in the shower I noticed Jusy suspiciously eying me from above.  After that I put it in another peculiar place for Mr. Yoda to find and that’s where the game started.

I know…we need to get out more.
In the Shower

Stay tuned for more Jusy the Penguin.

  • Maureen

    ROFL! What fun! That penguin is adorable – would be so fun to find it watching you from places where it’s least expected!

  • Sarah

    Sadly, I do not think this is that weird. Why? Because… we have a rabbit. A beanie baby rabbit that has slightly Satanic red eyes, which my boyfriend likes to scare the crap out of me with. Once he put it in my suitcase weeks before I was going somewhere, and we both forgot all about it, until I went to pack and it freaked me out.

  • Heather B

    I love the idea…. kinda like what brandon was doing to me a few months back in our other house with the little green army men

  • Joefish

    “Hide the penguin?” So that’s what you’re calling it?

  • Robin

    Maureen – Yeah, I still haven’t found the one from yesterday.

    Sarah – Yeah he likes to put fake bugs and stuff around too but then I end up screaming :omg:

    Heather – :cool: It’s fun for everyone.

    Joefish – Someone needs their brain washed out with soap :whack:

  • Gemini

    Hey I’m with Joefish on this one! :nana:

  • Joefish

    Are you going to give Gemini a brain scrubbing too?

  • Robin

    Gemini – Oh you are asking for it missy :poke:

    Joefish – She’s due for another one.

  • NYC Watchdog

    Wow. It’s like a real life version of “Where’s Waldo?” only without the stupid hat.

  • Gemini


  • Mr. Fabulous

    Wow…just when I thought you couldn’t get any cooler…

  • Gary

    Just hope that penguin doesn’t start moving around on its own. :)

  • Robin

    Mr. Fab – I get cooler by the day :cool:

    Gary – Now that would make an interesting post :what:

  • Friglet

    How fun!

  • Blueyes

    lol now thats a fun little game

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