Boston Talk Radio

From time to time I will listen to 96.9 Talk Radio with Jay Severin and at times I question my own sanity. While I’m not a conservative I also don’t feel I am a liberal either but this show is a good way to get a feel for what is going on.

I think Jay Severin has an attitude problem and I think most of the time he is full of hot air. After reading all about him on Wikepedia I realized he’s more of a fictional character than an actual person. I’m just glad I never took any of his views too seriously otherwise I might have felt disillusioned.

There are a lot of confusion about him such as the fact he may actually broadcast from NY for a Boston show and if the people in Boston really knew this they might feel differently about him. Also he plays on his show like he’s single but he’s actually been married for about 10 years.

He seems to drop off shows and then mysteriously come back without any explanation. It seems that Michael Graham tends to replace him for a period of time until he returns. While I don’t like Severin at least he’s not a religious enthusiast like Graham.

It’s not so much his beliefs that piss me off about him but his immature way of expressing his feelings. He tends to call Hillary Clinton a “fat pig” and recently claimed that women that are fat are ugly but nobody wants to admit it. He thinks “curvy” is just a PC way of saying a woman is fat and that they should just lose weight.

So why do I listen to this? Mostly because either I don’t have an audio book to listen to or I’m sick of the same songs on the radio. I do tend to learn a little bit more about politics and it makes me question things going on in the world more.  I have to admit I became a little less liberal listening to this show.
I do wish they could find a better person for the job, maybe someone in the middle like me or at least someone who doesn’t have their head up their ass. And no, I don’t think I could do a better job at all, I know nothing about politics but I do know something about tact.

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