I guess you all weren’t impressed with my post today because I was all mushy and stuff, well you can all bite me.  You want it rough and bitchy?  You got it.

For all your intelligent guys I want you to know I did not vote for Lloyd but actually Duckie.  So suck on that! :tongue:  I love Lloyd but I love a man who can dance like an idiot more than anything…that’s why I’m marrying Mr. Yoda.

Sometimes I like to show my sweet side by talking about lovey dovey shit and other days I like to take everyone down that gets in my way.  You have to learn to take the nice with the evil or at least when it comes to me.

I’m a pisces dammit and my mood changes regularly.  I’ll be back tomorrow and I’ll be swiming :whosnext:

2 Thoughts on “Since You Like It Rough

  1. Don’t mess with us pisces haha :whosnext:

  2. You are a complicated woman, and that’s why we love you!

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