Since You Like It Rough

I guess you all weren’t impressed with my post today because I was all mushy and stuff, well you can all bite me.  You want it rough and bitchy?  You got it. For all your intelligent guys I want you to know I did not […]

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A Grand Affair

I’ve had a lot of people comment on me having a “big wedding” but it never quite seemed that way to me.  We’ll probably have about 150 people that seems about average to me.  I’m not going over-the-top with anything, not a lot of little […]

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Learn To Romance Like a Geek

Are you not quite sure how to romance the girl you love? Are you a geek and just assume the romance should be left to the suave? Not true, just take tips from the romantic geeks of the film history past. If the girl you […]

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