Finally had my yearly checkup this week and went over with my PCP all the physical problems I’m having. Know how many specialists she recommended to me? About 5 and a couple of them it’s a trip to get to them.

Part of me hoped she’d have some answers for me right there but I know it doesn’t happen like that. I also need to go back for blood work and 2 of the specialists I need to setup asap.

I’m starting to think it’s my lack of exercise that is causing most of the my medical problems. I need to join a gym and go during my lunch. Problem is I love catching up with online things at lunch including but I suppose I can always do that when I get home.

Anyway, if you’d like something less depressing you can visit the WedBlog.

4 Thoughts on “Specialists and Blood Work

  1. You can’t skimp on your mental health. I think those electric shock treatments are gonna work wonders!

  2. Mr. Fabulous – Yes, I’ve heard this. I’ve also heard that you get a good workout in a padded cell :buff:

  3. Well, exercise is wonderful for you – and in a way, you are getting your exercise…you work your fingers when you type, your eyes when you read….I mean, hey, that’s exercise…right?

  4. LOL If Susan is right then we all would be Hard bodies! :lmao:

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