Finally had my yearly checkup this week and went over with my PCP all the physical problems I’m having. Know how many specialists she recommended to me? About 5 and a couple of them it’s a trip to get to them.

Part of me hoped she’d have some answers for me right there but I know it doesn’t happen like that. I also need to go back for blood work and 2 of the specialists I need to setup asap.

I’m starting to think it’s my lack of exercise that is causing most of the my medical problems. I need to join a gym and go during my lunch. Problem is I love catching up with online things at lunch including but I suppose I can always do that when I get home.

Anyway, if you’d like something less depressing you can visit the WedBlog.

  • Mr. Fabulous

    You can’t skimp on your mental health. I think those electric shock treatments are gonna work wonders!

  • Robin

    Mr. Fabulous – Yes, I’ve heard this. I’ve also heard that you get a good workout in a padded cell :buff:

  • Susan

    Well, exercise is wonderful for you – and in a way, you are getting your exercise…you work your fingers when you type, your eyes when you read….I mean, hey, that’s exercise…right?

  • Gemini

    LOL If Susan is right then we all would be Hard bodies! :lmao:

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