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12 Thoughts on “Withdrawel Symtoms

  1. I’m rolling! You should have caffine withdrawel symptoms more often.

  2. “I was really sad to see that Watchdog didn’t have one of my favorite men for his Ooogle Wednesday and it was even my birthday.”

    You really do need a coffee….it’s Ooogle Monday darling. Today is Cereal Wednesday….but you could always ooogle over Capn’ Crunch! :lmfao:

  3. Jen – Oops :doh: :dunce:

  4. Friends was good, but I am STILL mourning Seinfeld…

  5. I never watched “Friends.” And as much as I’d love to give up caffeine, it’s just not worth it. So good for you for getting coffee!!! 🙂

  6. It’s absolutely ok to have man candy on your cubicle walls after you’re married.

    However, it’s not ok if you’re still cutting pictures out of Tiger Beat.

  7. But where else am I going to get pictures of cute underage boys?

  8. If I didn’t know you were kidding, that would be really creepy.

  9. Hey I’m allowed to cross the line in a humorous way…if Fab can do it then I can do it :tongue:

  10. Yeah, but Fab’s criminally insane.

  11. Good point. The closest thing to a young boy for me is Jake Gyllenhaal.

  12. OK… Pictures are fine. Grabbing bums is off limits. HOWEVER- I shook Dave’s hand. Think about where that hand has been… Enough said 😉

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