Cakes and Registries

So we think we know what kind of wedding cake we want. We both agreed it has to have coconut and we don’t care who doesn’t like coconut…we’re selfish like that. We want it to be simple and tasty, not enormous and cardboard.

We I decided a while ago that 3 registries was a good way to go and give different options although there isn’t much that we need I don’t think. I mean, we just bought a house and have no room for anything else. I suppose that’s what all our storage can be for.

Some people don’t like registries but I think it’s a good way to at least give people an idea of what you want or need. Problem is all the stuff I mentioned to Erik on the William-Sonoma website didn’t seem to strike him.

Robin:Do we need an Avacado Masher?

Erik: That’s called a fork.

Robin: What about a butter slicer?

Erik: What? :eyebrow:

Robin: Oh we need a cupcake pan!

Erik: You’ve never made cupcakes.

Robin: Because I didn’t have a cupcake pan!

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  1. Jen

    February 19, 2007 at 10:43 pm

    Let the decisions begin! You’ll be making most of them!

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