Chex Wins

Which cereal do you like best?

  • Chex (46%)
  • Apple Jacks (23%)
  • Corn Flakes (23%)
  • Grape Nuts Flakes (8%)
  • Captain Crunch (0%)
  • Total Votes: 13

    Out of all the cereals to pick the majority of you love Chex Cereal. All the cereals I included in the poll are ones I really like but my favorite is the “boring” Grape Nuts Flakes. I don’t know…they are just barely sweet and have a light flaky texture. You have to eat them quickly though before they get soggy!


    It looks like we will be heading to Vermont after work today due to the storm so think good thoughts that we get there alive. I haven’t even packed yet and normally I’m way ahead of myself. Serves me right for trying to be low key for once!


    Someone brought in Valentine candy…I’m so screwed! Damn those heart shaped peanut butter cups :pissed:

    I’m bringing my laptop with me on the trip even though I don’t think they have wireless. I have a lot to write about, my head is full of insane shit. I can’t wait to sit in the comfy room and just write my heart out.


    I’ll miss you all…even Mr. Fab’s daily abuse.


    1. Mr. Fabulous

      February 13, 2007 at 8:02 pm

      You know I love you.

      Have fun and be safe!

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