I’ve been on the fence with my college friend PT for a while now and the whole relationship has gotten unbelievably fake. She’ll chew you out one week and the next week guilt trip you into coming to yet another “Girl’s Night” even though we all only see each other a couple times a year these days.

I had initially typed up an idea of what I’d say to her but decided to actually write something and have now sent it to her via email.  I know the backlash will be nasty and she’ll twist around everything I’ve said.  I know it only ends up being a blame game but I’m just sick of it.

I don’t know why I can’t just write her off.  I care about her a lot but I’m utterly sick of her as well at this point.  We’ll see how she responds and if this will end up getting messy.  She’s a tough person to talk to and will out right deny things she said just to avoid being to blame.

Anyway, maybe I’ll luck out for once and she’ll see where I’m coming from.  Maybe I’m making too much of it all…I don’t know.

8 Thoughts on “This is Really Getting Old

  1. I have someone I want to write such a note to, but considering, like you said, with such people they blame and turn things around, I choose not to. Every time I get the urge, I write something instead. It’s preserving my sanity. Some people just aren’t worth it.

  2. I would probably start ignoring them, screening their calls and not returning emails. Just cut them out of your life because they are obviously selfish attention whores.

  3. Fake friendships do run their course, eventually. College experience is full of lukewarm acquaintances. The ones that last are the ones worth analyzing.

  4. Ohh god don’t i know this one all to freaking well….BEST OF LUCK

  5. Lose her. You don’t her. You’ve got me. We’re text buddies now!

  6. You don’t need friends that bring you down. Life’s to short. 🙂

  7. Tara – I don’t know why I had to write it, it’s not like we haven’t had email fights before so I was probably just starting shit again. I just want her to leave me alone.

    GDG – So true.

    Janet – Yeah, I know, I over-analyze everything :dazed:

    Heather – Thanks!

    Mr. Fab – :hug:

    Friglet – No truer words have been spoken.

  8. My thought exactly everyone….

    Life is too short to deal with someone that Does this to you all of the time! :banghead:


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