Come To My Window

What word describes me best?

  • Complex (58%)
  • Honest (17%)
  • Sensitive (17%)
  • Witty (8%)
  • Observant (0%)

Total Votes: 12

This poll was interesting and I guess I’ve learned I am a complex person which I don’t consider to be an insult at all. I’m surprised nobody thought I was observant, I tend to think of that as one of my best and worst qualities but then again I’m probably more complex overall.

Now that we’ve done that, let’s take it a little further. I started these a while ago so several have already filled it out (even though some I don’t know) so please give it a try, I promise it won’t hurt my feelings.

Johari Window – Positive Attributes

Nohari Window – Negative Attributes

Be honest, there is nothing negative about me that I don’t already know…trust me.

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