Well There You Go

When I mentioned the FOAD the other day I wasn’t 100% positive she was intentionally being rude but now I know for sure that was exactly her intention. When she sent the rude email implying she won’t hold her breath about seeing us more this […]

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Heart On My Sleeve

I have some fun posts coming up soon but I may post them as Subscriber Only because some people try to use this crap against me…even if it’s 10 years old. Here’s the deal: I am not an alcoholic and I’m not a drug addict, […]

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A To Z Me

I got this from Gary and I’m not sure I did it right since I picked mostly my own questions. Anyway, enjoy (I’m a little behind posting this). A. Anxiety? Yes, but I try to manage it. B. Bunjee Jumping? Never ever, I don’t have […]

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