I still can’t believe that people I know, my peers, are making babies. I’m too lazy to make a salad.

— Hellura Lyle

0 Thoughts on “Too Lazy

  1. Oh that just about sums it up perfectly. Nice job!:)

  2. Kids are overrated. I’m much happier without ’em!

  3. Glad it’s not just me!

  4. :twitchy: it is definitely scary that is for sure :help:

  5. That’s why I buy the salad already made in the bag.

  6. :what: does that mean that I am not ready to have children??? If I buy the bagged salad! :secret:

    Don’t tell my hubby Leo he might want to celebrate! :dance:

  7. Is it bad I’m too lazy to buy it in the store and would rather get it takeout?

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