The Departed

I didn’t expect a lot from this movie since it’s not usually my kind of thing.  Even my brother said I probably wouldn’t like it, because I’m a movie snob and all.  I tend to not like mobster movies along with stupid comedies and fantasy movies as well.  But I can tell you The Departed was the best movie I have seen in a very long time.

Many say that Jack Nicholson, who played Costello, stole the film but I personally thought Leonardo DiCaprio, who played Billy the undercover cop, was the heart of the film.  Nicholson is a given in my opinion, he always plays these kinds of roles better than anyone else could, it’s just a fact.  DiCaprio can sometimes be a hit or miss and this time he hit it, and hit it hard.

Matt Damon, who played Colin (the rat), was surprisingly really good at a total asshole/prick.  He was very easy to hate and made me anxiously wait for someone to take him down.  Since I’ve never been a fan of Mark Wahlberg, who played Dignam, he also played a dick pretty well but I can probably say it was the best role I’ve ever seen him in.

This movie was more meaningful to me as it is set in Boston and had strong Irish theme to it.  I do wish however that Matt Damon’s “Southie” accent wasn’t so over-the-top because it was a little embarrassing that DiCaprio’s accent was substantially better.  Not that it really matters, the plot, the acting and the visual style of this film was really amazing.

Leonardo DiCaprio has always been underappreciated as an actor (Basketball Diaries and What’s Eating Gilbert Grape) and he deserves the Golden Globe and Academy Award this year.  You heard it here first and if he for some reason does not win I will be one pissed off blogger.  I’m just sayin.

Side note: When did Leonardo get so hot?  I mean he was cute back when he was in Titanic but now he’s H.O.T. and that love scene was so sexy.  You go Leo…work it!

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