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0 Thoughts on “Hey Little Girl, Look What You Do

  1. My boss was telling me about the time he ordered closet doors from Home Depot. They took a loooon long time to get it to him, and when they did, they sent him two. So he returned one, got his money back, and essentially got his closet doors for free!

  2. hmmmm…now that’s an idea 👿

  3. OK. So I tune in to GH today, and Bobbie’s weepie with that Lulu girl and I’m wondering, is Laura gone? dead? She’s not on the show anymore? Whatever they were talking about made it sound like she was gone.

  4. So what are you planning to do for your vacation?

  5. Tara – Laura had basically an emotional breakdown 4 years ago, then was given a miracle drug to come out of it but got worse and went back into a comatose kind of place. So she’s alive but unresponsive.

    Gary – Going to an inn in Vermont, I’ll tell y’all more about it when it gets closer. It’s nice to have something to look forward to.

  6. Getting double orders is way cool. That happened once with an order I placed with Philosophy. I got like $200 worth of stuff TWICE. It felt like there really was a Santa! You must know what I mean. 🙂
    I hope things go well with your MIL & tell Erik I said for him to write, too!

  7. You could sell the other one and make money on it!

  8. Jane – I will!

    Susan – It’s certainly a good idea.

  9. Is Gravatar EVER going to be back up? :whosnext:

  10. Yet another conspiracy my friend :annoyed:

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