Continued from My Decision To Have Surgery

When I made the decision my dad then found the best surgeon for this procedure and I went in to see him. He took pictures of me from my waist up and explained the surgery to me. He told me how they cut under the breast, up through the middle and around the nipple. He also told my that it wasn’t all that painful and even gave me someone to talk to who’d had the surgery before.

I don’t remember the woman’s name but I know she’d told me it was really painful for her but it was completely worth it. She was helpful although I’d made up my mind a long time before.

I went in for surgery on a Thursday I think and actually missed a Spanish test. I remember them putting the iv in m hand and the surgeon drawing the markings on my breasts. I remember them asking me to start counting and being wheeled into the room but that’s when it all went fuzzy. The surgery lasted 4 hours.

Next thing I knew I woke up screaming louder than I’d ever screamed before and they had to give me a ton of Morphine to calm me down. I can still vividly remember that pain and it was unreal. I have since described it as my breasts being put in a blender and set on fire. Yeah, nice visual huh?

I believe I stayed in the hospital for 2 nights after that and I remember a lot of just staring at the ceiling and a few shots in my butt so I wouldn’t throw up. I know my friends visited me but I think I will still a bit out of it. I will always be thankful to my then boyfriend who also visited me on his own.

I was on bed rest for two weeks after that and missed the band trip to Virginia and a week of school. Having my stitches taking out was a lot more painful than I had expected and when he pulled the very long one out from my side I nearly blacked out. The guy doing it was an asshole and kept telling me to quiet down. I wanted to see how he’d feel if I pulled stitches out of his balls.

It took me many years to get comfortable with my new breasts and for a while I was really self-conscious. It was 13 years ago and my scars are almost completely unnoticeable. I was lucky; I had no problems with my surgery or healing. Whenever I get the chance to talk to someone who’s considering it I’m always very honest but I also always tell them it was the best decision I’ve ever made.

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  1. Ouch! If it makes you feel more comfortable in your own body, then I’m glad you went through it all. I’m guessing it’s a tough decision for anyone to make. Especially at that age.

  2. I don’t remember ever questioning it. The moment the idea came to me I knew it was what I was going to do.

  3. I remember when you had this done, although I did not know a lot of the details. I did not know how much pain you went through to get your final result.

    (Some guys just don’t get it! How unfortunate it would have been if you had a reflex action that knocked his balls off….. :whosnext: )

    Daughter A complains that hers are not big enough…. but, hey, you get what you get….. and she’s only 13.

  4. As I see it…there are lot more positive parts to smaller breasts than negative. The only real negative is that guys like them big usually. I always wanted to be able to wear a dress without a bra and I finally got to do that when i lost weight and got down to a size B…it was nice.

  5. KC- I am sure that her Dad is glad that she doesnt have that problem… :eyebrow:

    My sister also had this same surgery and has never been happier! She said it was painful as well but totally worth it. :cheesy:

  6. Wow…I was literally wincing as I read that. I’m glad it worked out for the best, though!

  7. Mr. Fabulous – Yeah, sorry about that but that was the total truth and I’d do it all over again.

  8. crystal on December 20, 2006 at 9:09 pm said:

    It’s funny how pain makes you come up with the most bizarrely accurate descriptions for pain, isn’t it? The first time someone asked me what my nipple piercings felt like when I got them, the first thing that sprang to mind was “it felt like someone poured gasolene on my tits and lit them on fire for 10 seconds”. The clit piercing was similarly painful. :what:

    As someone who’s done a lot of cinsideration to getting a reduction (mine are a good size, but are mismatched by like 2 cup sizes), this is a great read 🙂

  9. Crystal – I’m glad, that’s mainly why I posted it. Actually mine were different sizes too, by at least a cup and that was a big reason for it. Now they are pretty perky for size DD.

    As for your piercings :omg:

  10. I’ve always been happy with my rather small ones. I don’t understand people who want to size up. It’s a lot more inconvenient and uncomfortable, I would think.

  11. If I was given the choice of DD or B I’d go with B.

  12. :wow: Someones in trouble… hehe….

    Photobucket didn’t like your picture…



  13. What are you talking about :confused:

  14. Oh that’s just lame. If you look at your post, it says that the image violated their terms of service. What a crock of shit. It was surgical diagram, not a naughty slut photo!

    If you want, I’ll host the image for you and you can link to my server.

  15. Damn, well that was back when my upload system wasn’t working so I’ll go do it myself. Freaks :twitchy:

  16. lol sorry I thought it was funny.. hehe :nana:

  17. :lmao: it was…I violated the agreement I suppose. Well I uploaded it myself and all is good in the internet world again.

  18. Breasts, even if only a diagram, are always much prettier to look at than a terms of agreement violation. 🙂

  19. How can anyone not love looking at breasts??

  20. Preaching to the choir sista!

  21. True…very true 😉

  22. I, too, enjoy them. :heartbeat:

  23. We should start a boobies club :clap:

  24. :lmfao: boobies club!!!

  25. You have nice breasts, you may join our tribe.


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