My Pantry and a Sunny Saturday

I know you want to know what’s inside my pantry…admit it!

The Pantry

In flickr you can click on the picture to see all the notes…if you care.

Gemini and I did a nice walk again this morning, it’s chilly but once you get going it’s very nice.  I may need to purchase a warmer jacket for this kind of thing…I mean I need to hit Old Navy anyway to return some things :thumbsup:

I’ve already done my morning cleaning madness given I did the dishes and a bunch of laundry before Erik even got out of bed.  I rock :rock:

Anyone else have issues with your categories?  I can never seem to get them quite right and if you change them you have to fix EVERYTHING.  Why can’t I just let things be?

Dammit, I was going to get my oil changed…I guess now I have to go out to Jiffy Lube who always try to convince me to buy extra shit I don’t need.  I suppose I must deal and anyway, it’s right near Old Navy.

I haven’t seen a lot of you around…I’m going to assume it’s because you got arrested or something and not because I’m boring the shit out of you :poke:

  1. Janet

    December 9, 2006 at 2:08 pm

    I havent been around anywhere much lately, including it seems, my own blog. Damn the holiday rush!:(

  2. Robin

    December 9, 2006 at 2:09 pm

    Yeah I can understand although given I’m not doing any holiday stuff I’m fairly bored…what else is new?

  3. Barb

    December 9, 2006 at 3:38 pm

    What sort of category problems are you having? You certainly have a lot fewer than I do! You do know who to go to for help, don’t you? The almighty Joefish! :ohgreatone:

  4. Robin

    December 9, 2006 at 4:37 pm

    Oh it’s just a matter of never liking the names of my categories, I’m always changing them. I have this obsessive need to change things all the time because I’m never quite satisfied :help:

  5. Heather B

    December 9, 2006 at 9:09 pm

    I feel like im looking at a blog version of MTV Cribs 🙂

    My Categories are one thing I don’t change, I just add more. Eventually I will have to do a major edit to one of them though or just delete it…

  6. Mr. Fabulous

    December 9, 2006 at 9:10 pm

    You, boring? Never!

    Nice pantry :ohgreatone:

  7. Geeky Dragon Girl

    December 9, 2006 at 10:01 pm

    Well, I just got outta jail and went straight to the computer so I could leave a comment here. Never party with a drunk hamster, they get ya into trouble. :dunce: Dunce? Oh I thought it was a party hat. Heh.

    Anyway, Old Navy is awesome. Love their stuff!

  8. Robin

    December 9, 2006 at 11:16 pm

    Heather – :lmao: Blog Cribs…I love it. I don’t know why I did it…my cube and then my pantry…next my closet :cheesy:

    Mr. Fabulous – Yeah I think it’s pretty snazzy :thumbsup:

    GDG – I’ve never partied with any drunk hampsters but I have hung out with a few stoned racoons and that was just crazy shit! You :dunce:

    OLD NAVY :dance:

  9. Maureen

    December 10, 2006 at 1:19 pm

    Just busy & still sick & working extra job & not feeling like I’ve got much to say or much time to say it. I usually check in & read, though, at some point during the day 😀

  10. Barb

    December 10, 2006 at 1:25 pm

    Oh, man–I totally obsess over my categories, though I don’t usually rename them. I just add more, too! Also, I used to have like–I’m not kidding–5 separate blogs: a Chicago one, a bipolar one, a cat one, Star Wars, and one for just memes and quizzes! It was just too much to keep up with, so I integrated them all into my Chicago one and now it’s mainly a personal blog. :cheesy:

  11. Robin

    December 10, 2006 at 1:43 pm

    Oh Maureen…I was just teasing…I understand :hug:

    Barb – I add a category sometimes and delete them sometimes too. I used to have different blogs but this and my photo one is enough to do.

  12. Barb

    December 10, 2006 at 1:47 pm

    One blog can sometimes be tough enough to keep up with! I must have been hypomanic when I created all those other blogs! :dazed:

  13. Robin

    December 10, 2006 at 1:50 pm

    I have this obsessive need to keep things separate and I think that’s why I’ve made other blogs before. Back in my blogger days I had a cat blog, a quote blog, a diet blog and a regular blog. Then the categories thing came along and I could separate things nicely…as long as I can get the appropriate categories :banghead:

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