I must do an FOAD today regarding “upper management” and the fact they are completely and utterly clueless.

I will never understand why upper management has NO clue about computers or basically any basic administrative duties. How in the world did they get to that position without knowing how to print something?? The other day I had to explain to a manager was FOLDERS were! Computer folders!!!

Of course she used the excuse she was “computer illiterate” but how did she get to where she is without knowing how to do the most basic tasks? Oh yeah, because they’ve probably always had an admin to do it for them and never had to learn. I’d love have all the admins go on strike someday and see them all running around in circles because they don’t know how to work the copy machine.

  • http://littleone829.blogspot.com Star

    Poor thing. Yes in my past jobs I was always established as the computer guru on any stupid thing. It would aggravate me too. Don’t worry… soon computers will change, technology will move forward and WE’LL be the people that are illiterrate and young whipper snappers will be complaining about us.
    Sorry. I know that doesn’t make you feel better.

  • http://www.roadlessunraveled.com Robin

    Star – Let’s hope so :unsure:

  • http://bloggochicago.com Barb

    I haven’t worked in corporate since I went back to school, but when I did, I was a secretary. I think you’re right–these people are “computer illiterate” because they always have someone “beneath” them do everything for them.

    Mainly, though, I think the people that are like this are the older ones. Brian was in upper management and because he’s younger, knows his way around Microsft You-Name-It.

  • http://www.roadlessunraveled.com Robin

    That usually is the case I’ve found although most of the admins I know are much older than the upper management. Although many of those admins don’t have a clue but the woman I work with is very knowledgeable. I’d say both of the managers I’m talking about are in their thirties…pretty sad.

  • http://bloggochicago.com Barb

    Probably more like lazy.

  • http://pointless-drivel.com Mr. Fabulous

    You are so right. When I had a corporate job none of the denizens of the crystal palace on the second floor could do anything by themselves.

  • http://hterry.com Blueyes

    Heck, I’ve seen secretaries hired and haven’t an effin clue how to work a pc.

  • http://geminibitch.wordpress.com Gemini

    now that is sad! :wow:

  • http://geminibitch.wordpress.com Gemini

    oh and what is FOAD? :dunce:

  • http://www.roadlessunraveled.com Robin

    Mr. Fabulous – Scary.

    Blueyes – That’s true, I’ve seen quite a few.

    Gemini – Fuck Off And Die :whosnext:

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