In Like Flynt

  • I found out today that Janet B. had a crush on Ethan Embry like I also did. In fact he was my first real crush and if you know me I’ve had many :love: She posted about her celebrity men crushes and it of course included Ethan Embry despite. We talked back and forth through email as we both realized was dorks we really were.
  • Then there is NYC Watchdog who let the masses know that Erik and I had figured a way to manipulate a cell phone company but if you think about it those companies screw us all so much more. They rope you into a 1-2 year contract and if you don’t have insurance on your phone you are screwed if anything happens to it. This is why we don’t have a landline, a cell phone these days is more than enough phone for anyone.
  • I watched a special about Larry Flynt last night and I really think he’s amazing. In my opinion he makes Hugh Hefner look like just some aging playboy. I’ve never read Hustler but I admire what he does to stand up for civil rights.
  • I really like watching the show Little People Big World because not only is it interesting to learn about a kind of life I really don’t know anything about but it’s also nice to feel tall :tongue:
  • Today I got to finally eat at the new TGI Fridays :dance:  It was sooooo good…I missed my Jack Daniel’s Sauce so much!!
  • Now to try to enjoy the rest of my Sunday as much as possible…have a lovely day!

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