I finally have a picture of my boy (he was hit by a car years ago) Keyser Soze and his brother (left) Conan. Conan still lives with his mommy (my old roommate) but what I remember most about him was how he and his brother always slept together. They would often sleep in a circle, like a yin yang.

Anyway, I love this picture because they look like they were caught doing something they shouldn’t have.

:heartbeat: Keyser

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6 Thoughts on “My Boy Keyser Soze

  1. The cat’s name is Keyser Soze? heh. That’s awesome.

    Is the other cat named Conan after Conan or after Conan?

  2. What a sweet pic! I love how their fur patterns intertwine like that. Gorgeous.

    I’m sorry he’s not with you anymore. 🙁

  3. Yeah Leanne, they were great.

    Joefish – Yeah I’m a big fan of My Kevin and all his movies. Although when Keyser died the quote “And like that…he’s gone” took on new meaning. Actually her naming Conan was from when we were looking up cats online before we got Keyser and Conan. There was a cute cat named Conan and she just used that…not quite as original as me :whistle:

  4. LOL: the name is awesome. Its funny you mentioned yin yang — I have twin cats named Yin and Yang.

  5. TJ – Those are great names :thumbsup:

  6. What gorgeous cats!!!! I’m sorry about Keyser Soze, and yeah, I totally can understand about that quote. You should link the post to Friday Ark!

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