• http://mentalexcrements.com Denise TN

    :heartbeat: You were such a cutie patooty!

  • http://www.roadlessunraveled.com Robin

    Looking at pictures when I was little makes me feel better. Reminds me how happy I was at one point and that I still can be. Also reminds me how cute I was….a different kind of cute from now :cheesy::

  • http://tismoreblessed.blogspot.com Gary

    I didn’t know you were so precocious. Did you have a driver’s license?

  • http://www.allrightythen.net Jolie

    you were a cutey! :cheesy:

  • http://www.roadlessunraveled.com Robin

    Gary – :cheesy: I don’t know…did they give out early drivers licenses in the late 70’s?

    Jolie – Thanks :blush:

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