Local Meme

1. Where do you live? Central Massachusetts
2. What’s the most recognizable geographic or architectural feature visible from where you’re sitting? I’m not sure what that means but I can see my backyard covered in dew
3. Favorite and worst features of the area in which you live.

Favorite: It’s in a woodsy area and there is a beautiful lake!
Worst: It’s a small town and it’s at least 15 minutes from just about anything.

4. Best local restaurant you’ve discovered recently. The Chinese restaurant nearby is pretty good.
5. Do you follow local politics? No.
6. How’s the weather?

Fall: Beautiful!
Winter: Don’t really know in the specific area yet but in Mass it bites!
Spring: Not sure either but I’m sure it’s spectacular.
Summer: Amazing…

7. And the traffic? Blows…at least when driving the highway to work. In my area it’s quiet.
8. Best local sports team? I don’t know…I guess the Red Sox.
9. If finances weren’t an issue would you stay in the same town? I’m not sure…I mean I love it but the commute for both of us is insane. I think I’d keep this is a place to getaway to.
10. During a non-rush hour period, how long would it take you to drive from the northernmost edge to the southern edge of your city/town? East to west? 15 minutes I’d guess.

  1. tjotjog

    November 25, 2006 at 5:08 am

    I can’t remember…did I know you lived in Mass?

    I am from Northampton and Mrs. Fab is from West Brookfield.

    It’s a small world.

  2. Robin

    November 25, 2006 at 9:01 am

    I’m not sure but I’ve never made it a secret. I’ve been to NH a lot, particularly on vacation.

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