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0 Thoughts on “Why I Started Blogging

  1. well, its your blog and so it is only natural that it be an extension of you and not others. you are the one writing it.

  2. Blueyes – True. I was just thinking back to the days when I was on forums and not blogging and how I came to blogging instead. I think certain people like to stay in big groups while others like to do it alone. I like selectively communicating with people without getting too deep into anything.

  3. I started blogging for just about the dumbest reason imaginable; I had a fun title and no other place to use it.

  4. Joefish – That’s a better reason than most.

  5. I started back when bloggin was journaling, and while I much prefer journaling to bloggin…I occasionally blog once in awhile.

    Whatever your reason for bloggin, I am glad you are here, I enjoy your wit and wisdom.

  6. I have “print” journals that date back to December 1991! I can’t remember how or why I started blogging (probably because of the ECT), but it’s an extention of those journals. I still have a paper journal but rarely write in it. My life is pretty much an open book or, er, blog.

    When I first started blogging, I didn’t discuss being bipolar. I made the decision to do that as my small part of fighting the stigma against mental illness and so that other people out there know they aren’t alone and that it can happen to anyone.

  7. I can totally understand that. Plus we like you just the way you are :willy_nilly:

  8. You are all awesome and THANKS Mr. Fabulous!

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