I Like It Right Here

I’m not sure if the internet is a good thing or a bad thing for those of us who like to avoid social situations. I’m usually ok with a couple people I’m comfortable with but have a big group and I am just nervous the whole time. Heaven forbid I say something dumb and I”ll be pissed at myself for a long time afterwards.

When I get into a conversation I just babble on about such stupid things and I can’t help but wonder if everyone is just annoyed by me. Then I wonder if I’m overreacting or just really aware of my surroundings :dunno:

Leave me in a group of people I’m not comfortable with and just see what moronic things I can bring up. I often wonder if I come across arrogant or self-obsessed talking about myself a lot. I talk about myself because I’m nervous and don’t know what else to do.

Someone stop me! I’m out of control :willy_nilly:

Eventually I get frustrated and tired so I always leave early. I hate it. We’d just rather stay inside our little home and avoid all the stuff out there. Is that bad? I’d rather just sit at my computer and catch up with cool people than go out there where it’s 10x as hard.

I think I’ll just become one of those people who lives entirely by the internet, hey it’s working so far :thumbsup:

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