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0 Thoughts on “Yawn!

  1. Time to rise and shine sweetheart lol now wake up some

  2. I’m awake, it only took me like 3 hours or whatever. I do think I had one too many candy corns and I may soon crash now.

  3. Ahh yes the candy corn…funny how I was just thinking about those…

  4. They are evil little things :sigh:

  5. It’s so horrible when you wake up in the early hours and then can’t get back to sleep. You just know how completely exhausted you are going to be the next day, but there’s nothing you can do about it. Hope you’re feeling a bit better though.

  6. It got better and then it started going downhill again.

  7. Allergies, like colds, have been around forever. You would think they’d have a cure for those types of things by now.

  8. I suffer from allergies as well as sinus infections. I had surgery on my sinuses to remove some of the damaged and diseased tissue back in 2000 – it was supposed to help…it didn’t.

    Just know that you are not in this boat alone. :willy_nilly:

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