Final Five

I’ve chosen the final four for to submit and can’t seem to make the last decision. I definitely want the red leaf and the bubbles, no question. Now I need to choose between the vines or whatever and the street. I can’t decide :dunno: I […]

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2 More Down!

We came home to 2 more dead mice yesterday. Pilot killed 3 in one day :wow: I don’t know which is more scary: the fact we had 3 mice in our house or the fact I didn’t notice 2 dead mice on the floor for […]

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3 Hour Commute This Morning!

So I’m driving along the dreaded Route 2 when I noticed the traffic is worse than ever. I notice at one point I’ve been sitting at a light going from green to red to green for like 20 minutes. Then I find out that the […]

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