I’ve had a myspace account for a long time now and over the last year many of my RL friends have jumped on board. If only my friends would actually update their myspace once and a while so I could find out what is going on with their lives.

In fact, if everyone could just update their myspace regularly I wouldn’t have to phone or even email anyone anymore. I could just add all my friends via bloglines and never have to put in any real effort ever again :yipee:

Alas, many people still don’t have myspace and the ones who do don’t do anything with it. I’ve reached out to many hoping they’d start some kind of blog just so I didn’t have to take the trouble of emailing them to “catch up.”

If everyone could just have a blog it would be so much easier to keep in touch.

I don’t think this is too much to ask :sigh:

  • http://www.theartofgettingby.com Janet

    I also have a my space account, just because it seems like the thing to do these days. I dont actually do much with it though, but I did arm myself early on with all the my space bells and whistles. I also have a healthy mix of people I actually know, people I semi know and non people, like the Burger King, whom I’ll never know.

    If you arent already, would you like to be my MY space friend?:)

    BTW, I think it’s funny I’m asking you to be my My Space friend and at the same time I have to type in the word desperate as the security disclaimer above.)

  • http://www.roadlessunraveled.com Robin

    :lmao: I chose ‘desperate’ because of Desperate Housewives being back on the air.

    I don’t generally add people I don’t know but I like you so I will add you. I hope you feel very special :cheesy:

  • http://blog.virtualdominion.net TJ

    I know what you mean Robin. I hate it when people call me up and ask “what’s up?”. I’m like, “Dude, what are you bothering me for? Don’t you read my blog?” I mean, I have a blog so I don’t have to bother with human contact ever again. . . duh!


  • http://www.roadlessunraveled.com Robin

    TJ – So true. I put a lot of effort into daily useless crap about myself so I don’t have to update anyone personally. If you want to know what I did last weekend read my blog :tongue:

  • http://www.wokeupthismorning.co.uk/ Chris

    Absolutely! My parents and some distant friends of mine keep track of me via the blog. It’s just so handy!

  • http://www.roadlessunraveled.com Robin

    Chris – It’s fairly depressing that most of my RL friends and my family as well don’t ever read my blog. It hurts my feelings that they don’t ever care to even visit.

  • http://www.wokeupthismorning.co.uk/ Chris

    I find that some people just don’t “get” blogs and communicating via the internet in that way. I always get frustrated when I spend ages explaining and exclaiming how fantastic blogging is and they just don’t care.

    The most important people are reading though :wink:

  • http://www.roadlessunraveled.com Robin

    Chris – I must agree, they don’t really understand it or are kind of afraid of it. The funny thing is I think if most of them got into it they’d LOVE it. I’m so happy with all the people that visit and comment that most of the time I don’t care that everyone else doesn’t read it.

  • Gemini

    I don’t think that they don’t love or care about you enough to come to your blog. I think that they love and care for you enough to want to hear from you personally. :heartbeat: That and not everyone likes to be on the computer after work. They work all day on the computer and want to come home and veg.

    As for me… I like Blogs… but I don’t like how public they can be where anyone can find my site by knowing my name…(PHB) That and K doesn’t want any of our personal information out there for everyone to read. So that doesn’t leave very much to talk about on a blog. Unless you are going to talk about world events or something like that. I never have the time to sit to create a post… LOL you know me… If it isn’t work it is something else… :willy_nilly:

  • Gemini

    and I always come to read! :wink:

  • http://www.roadlessunraveled.com Robin

    I was referring to other people mostly but I know why most don’t do it. Generally people are so paranoid about the net but as I see it as long as you don’t put anything online that can come back to hurt you it isn’t a big deal. If PHB cared to do anything I’m pretty sure she would have done something to me a long time ago.

    Still, I understand why people don’t do it…it would just be cool if they did.

    p.s. you’ve always been a good friend to my blog…that sounds kinda funny :wink:

  • http://hterry.com Blueyes

    Myspace is evil i tell ya, I refuse to have a myspace just because everybody else is, if they cant email or find my blog that’s there problem in my opinion. I even have an old homepage they could find that’s somewhat up to date.

  • http://www.roadlessunraveled.com Robin

    Blueyes – I got mine way at the beginning before everyone had it. I have a tendency to get into something and then EVERYONE does…it’s kind of annoying.

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