Comedy Night

Last night was both frustrating and had many laughs.

We met up with my parents for dinner and then took seperate cars to get to the Strand Theater in Clinton.  I figured it would be best for them to lead because I’m horrible at finding my way to places.

Next thing I knew we were lost or at least we couldn’t find the street by the name of Wackacoxet or something.  Finally we found it and had to hunt my parents down who kept driving back and forth missing it.

So then I took the lead and after a missed turn my dad gave up and insisted to go home.  Five minutes later we found the place and saw the show without them :dunno:

The show however was hysterical with the comedians Patty Ross, Dave Rittigan, Jim Colliton and Greg Rodriguez.  We laughed so hard and I hope we can go to the stand up comedy night another time.

I wish my parents didn’t have to start fighting and my dad didn’t have to act like a child by going home.  I do feel guilty that I didn’t get better directions but Clinton is in the middle of nowhere so I don’t know if directions with landmarks would have done any good.

I’m not sure I’ll bother getting together with them again since being around them when they are like that just reminds me how much I wished they’d divorced years ago.

  1. Chris

    October 1, 2006 at 3:07 pm

    I’ve really started getting into Stand Up comedy recently, but I’ve never seen anyone live yet. There’s a comedy club nearby, I should probably look into what’s on there.
    Glad you had fun aside from the family issues.

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