If you want to really piss of a Bostonian either tell them the Sox suck (which I wouldn’t do) or tell them Dane Cook isn’t funny :wow:

I was looking around my friend’s myspace page (which btw is all Red Sox and Dane Cook) and I decided to be a smart ass.  I posted a comment that I didn’t understand why everyone liked Dane Cook so much.  He posted on mine that I basically broke his heart :dunno:

Can anyone explain to me why he’s funny?  I watched a stand up of him one time and didn’t get it.  Am I going to be run out of Boston now?


Just so you know Pilot is doing ok although he peed on the floor this morning (he never did that before) and he puked as well (also never does).  His poor cone was all dirty.  I’m going to stay around to take care of him but will go to the gym today.


I was also reviewed again over at Frog My Blog and I thought it was pretty good.  Although I think I write a lot of interesting posts and not just journal posts but lately I haven’t put in a lot of effort I must admit.

I liked how they noticed that I space out my posts, I’ve always found it’s easier to read in small paragraphs.  I thought my blog looked pretty good in FF and shitty in IE but it’s good to know.

I got 3 out of 5 bugs.  Pretty good and if I was on my game lately it might have been better :thumbsup:

  • http://www.iliveunderarock.com Geeky Dragon Girl

    The Sox suck! Oh I’m sorry, that came out wrong. I meant my socks suck. My big toe keeps poking a hole in them. :kickcan:

  • http://www.roadlessunraveled.com Robin

    GDG – Hey :wave: Well it’s not like I haven’t heard that before and I’m certainly not one of the obsessed fans. If I were I might go :whosnext: on you.

  • http://www.iliveunderarock.com Geeky Dragon Girl

    Ah well, so my attempt at being funny ended up being unoriginal. This is not new. But anyway, that Frog My Blog site looks cute, I think I’ll try submitting there too and see what happens. I loooove frogs. :)

  • http://www.roadlessunraveled.com Robin

    Don’t worry, I find it amusing but others wouldn’t I assure you :cheesy: Go for it…I love getting reviewed.

  • http://www.graphic-horizons.com Heather B

    I’m afraid of what they will say about my blog lol

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