MIL Pet Peeve #4

If you look up the word “excess” in the dictionary you will see her picture.  She does everything over-the-top.

She showed up with nearly an entire suitcase full of fruits and vegetables.  I guess she thinks we don’t carry that kind of thing here.  Since she’s been here I think she’s spent at least $100 on more food AND fruits and vegitables.  She’s bought so much for the party and as usual she’ll probably forget something she bought and we’ll find it way after she leaves.

Let’s not forget to 2 huge packages she sent by UPS before she came here of total crap…even she said it was crap.  Guess who gets to find a place to store it all?  Yep, us.  I would have said “no thank you” but Erik (like his mother) never turns down free gifts even when it’s something we’ll never ever use :sigh:

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