MIL Pet Peeve #3

While watching a movie: MIL: Who’s that? MIL: Where did he go? MIL: Is that the same guy from before or is that a new guy? MIL: Why did she say that? What did she say? MIL: Can you rewind that, I missed. MIL: Does […]

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MIL Pet Peeve #2

She doesn’t have a mute button and constantly says inapproriate things. It’s not so bad when it’s just family but when it’s around strangers it’s really uncomfortable. She has no understanding of the concept of tact.

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MIL Pet Peeve #1

Whenever we go out to eat she insists on taking everything back in a doggy bag.  Even the 2 pieces of lettuce left from her salad and half of a dinner roll :rolleyes:

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