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0 Thoughts on “My Anthems

  1. I once had an obsession with making mixes. One of my mix tapes was entitled “theme songs”. These were songs that reminded me of..me. I can’t recall all of the songs on there off the top of my head, but I can remember

    Dogs In The Yard- Paul McCrane (from Fame)
    Me- Paula Cole
    Both Belong- The Grays

    If only I had that tape next to me now. Can I get back to you on this?:)

  2. I might make a post about this. Mine are all related to various life experiences. Every single boyfriend I’ve ever had, every place I’ve been, every decade of my life.

    Odd how music sticks with you and brings you back to a place in time. Well, not odd. Music speaks to you on a very deep level so it’s no surprise really.

  3. Janet – sure thing.

    Miss Ann – Oh this list could have included every boyfriend and such but it would have been way too long. I probably should have included Insane in the Brain but I chose not to.

  4. DonnaDork on August 28, 2006 at 2:18 pm said:

    Ahhh Alanis …that was the only album of hers I liked. That song was one of mine as well.
    Water by Holly McNarland is another one.

  5. My musical tastes change so often, I never really had or have a theme song. Sadly, its usually something really goofy.

    BTW, I notice that I can’t subscribe to your blog in bloglines. That sucks. šŸ™

  6. My bloglines seemed screwed up before, I’ll look into it when I get a moment.

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