Keeping My Options Open

I posted about Fence Sitting on the Purple Women TM in regards to my status as childfree. There are two things I’ve found difficult to discuss with some of the more hardcore childfree-ers: step-parenting and fence sitting. Of course, I fit in both of those […]

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Generation Gap

Both of the women I work closely with are at least 30 years older than me and with one of the women it seems to be a problem sometimes. For as long as I can remember this “generation gap” has caused personality conflicts in my […]

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Pay Up

Charlie: [Alan is complaining about Judith wasting the money he pays in child support] You’re like an Alzheimer’s patient at a whore house – you keep forgetting that you’ve been screwed, and you keep refusing to pay for it. — from 2 1/2 Men 

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