As you can see my blog is all better and quite pretty I might add.  All thanks to Lysie who not only designed my theme but also reinstalled my entire blog.  Please go visit her because she totally rocks :rock:

I just hope my immense amount of plugins didn’t put me on her shit list for the next 10 years :sigh:

  • Leanne

    The graphic suits you! :) Congratulations on your makeover!

  • a feminist

    Oh, I :heartbeat: the new blog design. Your old one (and the one before that – I’ve been around too long :wink: ) wasn’t bad at all but this one is particularly lovely on the eyes.


  • Robin

    Thanks guys! I owe it all to Lysie…she’s very talented and helpful :thumbsup:

  • a feminist

    Oh, even better, now my gravatar’s appeared :ohgreatone:

  • Lysie

    Awww….not a problem hon! Now if you can tell me exactly how you get the damn smileys to work that would be cool!!

  • Robin

    What do you mean “get the smilies to work”? Do you mean how to use the plugin? Email me and I’ll see what I can do.

  • Blueyes

    Great new look!! Love it!!

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