Hidden Path

So, there is this obscure path near our house (litterally like 5 feet from our property) thHidden Pathat goes into the woods. We found out it used to be a road at one time until a bunch of teenagers burned down the bridge and they closed it. This is all good for us because now we have a cul-de-sac :thumbsup:

So Erik and I took a walk tonight and just looked around but with all the bugs didn’t get all that far. We’ll go another time and walk at least to where this bridge used to be. He also heard there is an abandoned farm house out there, yeah I don’t think I’ll go anywhere near night time again.

It was beautiful though and felt great. I love doing these things with him, we have such great talks and bond a little more.

I’m going to go have a nice relaxing night with my honey now before I start my new earlier hours :cheesy:

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