Day 2 – Lots of Juice

Day 1 was harder than I expected.  It wasn’t so much I was hungry as I just wanted to eat something.  I wanted to chew on something and have a real meal desperately.  I did have some watermelon, brocolli and hard boiled eggs but I didn’t have any bread or sugar!  I didn’t have any coffee :coffee: either :thumbsup:

The rest of the day I did juicing even if I bought one of those bottles of special juice mixes in the vegitable section.  Problem is my Magic Bullet just wasn’t tough enough or good enough for the juicing, I think I even blew a fuse trying to juice a carrot.

So we used our actual juicer and it was much better.  I did though find out you have to use very little ginger because it’s very strong!


Today is my first day off on my own since Erik didn’t work yesterday.  I really don’t know what I’m gonna do but I should make a couple trips to the apartment this week.  Today I want to read more than watch tv and take a nice walk.


Oh and we just got a propaine bill for $209.80 when we gave the seller a check for $210 for the recent propaine bill.  I’m of course getting in contact with my realtor, so not cool.

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