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0 Thoughts on “Day 1 – Watch Me Juice

  1. good luck with the “juicing” that would be hard work. I could possibly do it, if i was allowed jamba juice lol. But that would also get really expensive too

  2. Thanks! So far, so good. I think I’ll pick up a good juice on the way to an appointment. I know I should juice everything myself but I’m just a little too lazy for that.

  3. Hey Have you talked to your LandLord? Did she say issues?

    Could it be the wood and the computer parts?

    Did you ever get to the Yard sale?

  4. I always wondered about those Magic Bullets…are they as good as they say? I’ve been wanting to buy one to make some smoothies because I’ve about busted my blender up from them.

  5. I am so in love with smoothies, but I just don’t have time to make them as much as I would like.

  6. Gemini – she just wanted to make sure we’d clean the fireplace and the oven before we left. She makes things sound so ominous in her messages.

    hterry – it really is a beautiful product except the juicing isn’t as wonderful as I thought but the smoothies and making omemelts is great :thumbsups:

    Chris – Unsurprisingly, me either.

  7. Hey, your cousin (my hubby) did the juicing thing. I have a book of juice recipies here if you’re interested, I could email you some. Get ready for stuff to come out your pores. I think he lost some weight when he did it. The living room looks great btw!

  8. Juiceman II is what he has.

    Juiceman’s Power of Juicing is the book.


  9. KC – I remember hearing about that, I’d love some recipes!

  10. This is officially the third blog that I read whose owner has done the chronicle of the juice diet this summer! I guess the juice diet must have something going for it. My mom does a cleanse every once in a while. I couldn’t do it. I can’t even have instant breakfast because it doesn’t chew like food.

    Good luck!

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