So I’m going to be on vacation all next week and want to do a lot of relaxing but at the same time I want to fit in a lot of stuff :twitchy:

Anyway, I had an idea that might be fun but YOU guys need to help me out ok?

So go and ask me a question or ask to see something (idea stolen from Kentucky Girl :ohgreatone:) and I’ll take a picture of it and post it over next week. What do you want to know about me? Anything you’ve been dying to ask? Don’t be shy.

Post a comment here and ask me and I’ll answer it sometime next week or I’ll post a picture of something you want to see.

So all you lurkers…

Come. Comment. Give it to me! :hyper:

Edited to add: You guys suck…not one question ALL DAY?? :flipa:

0 Thoughts on “Questionable

  1. I guess I will have to Think about this one and make it hard… Cause I know alot about you…

  2. Ooh! I’d like a picture of you in a gondola in Venice! Can you arrange that? Wait, where are you vacationing? Perhaps I should ask that first…

  3. Gemini – You can think of something, I’m sure of it :thumbsup:

    GGD – You are a tricky one aren’t you? I’m vacationing at home at my new house. I have a lake/beach right down the road and lots of trees around. It will be very quiet and relaxing (or it should be at least) but if you want to send me to Venice I’d be happy to take a picture for you :yipee:

  4. If I could afford to send you to Venice I’d be sending MYSELF over there! 🙂 Is there at least a gondola somewhere on the lake?

  5. Are there any gondola’s in New England? I hope to go to Ireland in the next year or so though.

  6. I want to see you and Erik pushing each other into the lake! :rock:

  7. How about a photo of your favorite room in your house?

  8. Please take a picture of the 1st thing you see in the morning that makes you smile.

  9. I would like to see the views out of different windows of your new house and tell us which one you like the best.

  10. Question: Tastes change. . but what is presently your favorite food?

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