Keane Says It Best

Some lyrics from the new album Under the Iron Sea:


I hope all my days will be lit by your face
I hope all the years will hold tight our promises

Is it Any Wonder

It’s hard to know where I stand
It’s hard to know where I am
Well maybe it’s a puzzle I don’t understand

Nothing in My Way

When you wanna die, when you hurt inside
Don’t know what you lie for anyway
Now there’s nothing left to say

Leaving So Soon?

You must think I’m a fool
So prosaic and awkward and all
D’you think you’ve got me down?
D’you think I’ve never been out of this town?

A Bad Dream

I wake up, it’s a bad dream
No one on my side
I was fighting
But I just feel too tired
To be fighting
Guess I’m not the fighting kind

Hamburg Song

I’d like to bring a little light
To shine a light on your life
To make you feel loved

There is nothing I can say about Keane that I haven’t already said so many times already. Their music is like no other and something in their songs makes my heart beat faster. While their new album isn’t as perfect as their first album it’s still fucking wonderful.

And let’s not forget a song from the old album I love…here is the video for The Last Time :heartbeat:

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