One Scared Mommy

So I wake up this morning to Aurora running around me and meowing. If you know Aurora the only thing that usually gets her excited is a can of wet food or treats so it was odd.

I stumbled out of bed and make my way around doing my morning routine. I noticed Aurora is circling my feet in what seems a panic and that’s when I see Pilot hasn’t shown up as he usually does in the morning.

I start immediately panicing and running around calling his name. He doesn’t respond and I just keep looking everywhere. I then go out the back door since the door doesn’t the screen door doesn’t latch and the screen itself isn’t stapled on. I don’t see him anywhere in the back.

I wake Erik up in a frantic state telling him that Pilot isn’t in the house and he responds with a “I’m sure he’s just hiding somewhere” but that’s not how he works. He does his own thing but he doesn’t generally hide and it’s hard to hide in our new house.

So I run out the front door calling his name and no response still. I look over the front deck and suddenly I see him. He’s poking his head out from under the house (there is a crawl space not a basement). I scream to Erik that he was outside all night and I run down to get him. Poor baby was outside for the first time all night long and under the house. He was covering in dirt and stuff.

Sometimes being a mom, even to a furkid, is just terrifying. I need to get them collars with IDs asap!

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