Four Men One Night Part II

Continued from Four Men One Night Part I

At that point Mr. Big decided he needed to mark his territory. He walked over to me, gave me a free beer and then put his arm over my shoulder for all of them to see. That’s when he whispered in my ear “follow me” and as usual I followed him.

Needless to say the man I wanted the most was Mr. Big and I basically used all the others as a catalyst to get what I wanted. I’m not proud of that but then again I was only like 22 years old at the time, what do you want?

Mr. Big took me by the hand to the back of the bar and we walked into the handicapped bathroom; it was a bathroom I’d never used but was a private one. He immediately started kissing me and we started to get hot and heavy against the sink while the music pounded through the rest of the bar.

Just as it was getting started we were interrupted by a cop walking in on us. No words were exchanged; we just grabbed our beers and walked out. Mr. Big went back to work and I went back to the party.

By the end of the evening I wasn’t sure what I was going to be doing. I really didn’t have an interest in going out with Ian and his buddies afterwards, they were kind of annoying. My buddy S had given up at some point and left, not that I blamed him. But Mike, of course, was still going strong and apparently sure he’d bring me home that night :rolleyes:

As the bar was closing down around 1 am Mr. Big asked if he could come over to my dorm room, need I tell you what my answer was? He and I had hookedup a few times already and I knew he was the one I wanted to spend the rest of the evening with. I didn’t, however, tell Mike anything of the sort. He said he’d call me in a bit and we’d “meet up” but when he called I didn’t answer.

That evening, well let’s just say it was a good night as most were that summer with Mr. Big. The interesting part though came the morning after when one of the fireless fire alarms went off and I decided I had no interest in leaving the room. With my luck I found out that day the RA’s do in fact check every room and we were busted. We had to leave and decided to go to the café across the street for some :coffee:

Who do we run into on the way to the café? Mike :duh: We stopped and exchanged a few brief words. To my surprise I got no real reaction from either Mike or Mr. Big. As we left Mr. Big asked me who that guy was and I told him it was that guy Mike I’d mentioned before. He responded with “if I’d known that was him I would have put my arm around you” :rolleyes:

I ran into Mike later that day and he also didn’t realize which guy I was with and responded with “if I’d known who he was I would have put my arm around you” :rolleyes: At that point he still tried to get me to come to his apartment but I was all set.

The moral of the story is: boys can be fun to play with 😉

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