Four Men One Night Part I

Sorry for the misleading title, I did not do four men in one night, never have and never will. This was though a night that involved 4 men and I don’t think I have ever had as big of an ego as I did that night.

I was in the last semester of college and I was partying it up harder than I had freshman year. I had just gotten out of an unhappy relationship and had lost a lot of weight. That’s when I started going out to the bars several nights a week and not going to bed until the sun came up.

One night I went to the usual bar Stooges to have a fun night with my friends. Consequently my crush (Mr. Big) was a bartender there so I planned to flirt my ass off. He and I were casual, which meant I didn’t have to just flirt with him.

Turned out three other guys decided to visit the same bar that night, little did I know.

There was Mike, who I had a fling with months before but everytime I saw him he tried to take me home but I had already lost interest.

There was my buddy S (still friends with him so I won’t reveal his name) who I had an on and off thing with. We weren’t just friends but we weren’t really more than friends either. We flirted like crazy but never took it beyond that.

There was also this guy Ian who I had a little crush on but he had a girlfriend of four years. Whenever I saw him there was some intense (but I don’t think overly obvious) flirting but that was it.

Anyway, I get there and find Mike already sitting with my friends. He immediately starts hitting on me and I do my best to ignore him in hopes he’ll just move on to someone else.

Mr. Big noticed that Mike was hitting on me and made a point to give me a lot of attention such as kissing me in front of everyone. Given that he was trying to seem as unattatched as possible I found this pretty thrilling.

Mike, seeing this only made him try harder and get that much more annoying. He was never very good at getting a clue.

As I walk away from the spot with my friends I run into S who I flirt with like crazy and give lots of hugs to.

Next I run into Ian who pulls me into his group and chats me up for a while.

You can see where this is going and my friends the whole time are watching me make my rounds and laughing their asses off :lmao: I, of course, felt like the shit :rock: I don’t think I ever had so much attention in my life.

… to be continued…

  1. Jade

    July 7, 2006 at 11:08 am

    I am in awe. You are a goddess! I am lovin’ the rockin’ smiley face too! Can’t.Stop.Lauging.

    Tell me more!

  2. Gary

    July 7, 2006 at 8:22 pm

    Good for you. The rest of the story sounds interesting too.

  3. Sarah

    July 8, 2006 at 2:20 am

    Oh wow, I miss nights like that. Walking into the bar and you know you are in trouble… but it’s so much fun!

    (Not that I ever had multiple sort of boyfriend/hookups at the same time or anything… ummm, well…)

  4. Robin

    July 8, 2006 at 7:31 am

    I’m glad you guys are enjoying my story, I’ve already written Part II to post. Oh and I didn’t hook up with all of them at the same time…but I did completely seperately :blush:

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