I swear he impresses me on a daily basis. Today was his day off and instead of sitting on his ass (like I would do) he dragged all this stuff outside to sell and made nearly $200. Sometimes I wish I had just 1/2 the drive he has on most days.

On my way home he tells me that out of the blue he decided to just start selling things from the driveway.  I come home to this sign in the front :lmao:  Ok so he’s a little crazy but mostly in a good way :thumbsup:

He continued to sell things way into the night, even after I told him to just pack it in.  A woman came by with her young son saying she was living a single mother who was on assisted living.  Erik, the great man that he is, offered all the rest of the furniture we’re trying to get rid of.  He told her to come by in the morning and she could have it all.

When he told me this he had the biggest smile on his face and I was so proud.  It’s nice to think we’re going to bring some joy to some people that need it much more than us :cheesy:

0 Thoughts on “That Man of Mine

  1. :heartbeat: What a great BIL I have!

  2. You’ve got yourself one helluva great guy there!

  3. And I know it too :heartbeat:

  4. Aww, now that is too special, he’s a keeper 🙂

  5. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. He’s a keeper!

  6. WTG Erik for being such a great guy…… WTG for picking him!!! I’m so jealous that your Aunt will be there in July and that I won’t….

  7. Me too! I wish you could be there.

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