My Dearest Sprout

I just want you to know that you are the most wonderful person and eventually I just know things will work out. I know she still loves you deeply and is just very confused. I still believe everything happens for a reason but the tough […]

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I Made A Decision

Despite the poll I’ve decided to go with the domain that excited me right off the bat and that is Road Less Unraveled (ie. and I’m excited to make the transition. I do hope you will all follow me to the new home. I […]

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5 Things

Tagged by Lucy. 5 things in my refrigerator: A gallon of 2% milk More condiments than we can actually use Leftovers from Erik’s meal out last night Goat cheese for my omelets Lemon juice (vital for our house) 5 thing in my closet: Shoes I […]

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