Without letting us know the downstairs neighbors are having a HUGE party.  I’m talking a tent in the back and a shitload of cars outside the house.  I could barely get into my parking space.  I’m telling you Erik will not be happy when he comes home, especially if it goes all night.

I started looking into sofas for the house, found one I like so far.  Tomorrow I want to go to Bob’s Furniture to see what they have.  I still need to get packing tape and packing supplies.

I swear I’ve had constant indegestion, yuck.  I don’t know what my problem is.

Also, if you haven’t voted on my new blog name make sure to go here.  Right now the denial name is most popular but I think I’m still leaning towards the unraveled one :cheesy:  I’ll make my decision soon since this domain is up in July.  Whatever it is I want it to be open enough to work with and be very me.

I welcome opinions and suggestions.  This is what I do, I get thoughts and ideas then I make my own out of that :thumbsup:

0 Thoughts on “Unexpected Issues

  1. I really hate when my neighbors have parties, and they have them all the time and they last all night. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve called the cops.

  2. Yeah I think we’ll just go out for the night.

  3. That sucks about the party…I’m so glad my neighborhood is mainly older people…lol….the most there are like 2-3 cars when they have get togethers. :cheesy:

  4. Hey Robin!

    I finally made the leap this weekend to installing WordPress on my own server. I noticed you’ve been using for some time now, and I thought I’d finally get ‘hip’ and give it a shot.

    I really like it! It’s simple, yet, very versitile.

  5. That is so rude having a party and not letting you know beforehand especially since it’s gonna heard by ya’ll and possibly taking up parking spaces. I’d be way ticked off.

  6. I was, my first thought (considering all the cars in front) was what if we were moving that weekend? That would cause a HUGE hassle.

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