Let’s Try This Again

Feel free to comment on them too. I’m just testing things out here, I’m sure I’ll pull another poll of this kind out of my ass again because I can’t make up my damn mind :fit:

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Blog Name Opinions Again

Erik came up with this last night.ÂÂ I really like it, what do you think: theroadlessunraveled.com Ok here are some more ideas: 1. paleseptember.com (fiona apple song) 2. emotionalrollercoaster.com (guy called me that once) 3. sweetcruisader.com (alanis song maryjane someone once said reminded them of […]

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Moving On Up

We did the inspection yesterday, things went well enough. I mean it passed and that’s what is important. SIL and BIL are looking for a new house and already found a house they are interested in. I hope all goes well for them and they […]

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