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0 Thoughts on “Designing Woman

  1. They are all lovely colours. I like the orange, but I would probably find it a bit… distracting… in an office. May just be me though.

  2. Yeah I’m not too sure on the orange. I’m pretty sure we’ll almost never use the office though.

  3. I love all of those colors! they look great! :hyper: I can’t wait for our turn.. hehe :fingerscrossed:

    A suggestion for picking colors is to get test colors and paint it on the wall. Our friends S and G did that and it helped alot. I am sure that HomeDepot does that.

    They bought pill bottle sized testers and painted the wall in dif. spots with the dif. colors. this way they would get a good idea of what the colors looked like.

  4. See I’m new to this, that sounds like a good way to do it. Test it on the walls. I’m sure colors can look a lot different once you paint them.
    I’m excited we’re all doing this together and I hope we all end up with our dream homes.

  5. If Gemini hadn’t suggested the test paints I would have. You can’t go wrong that way. It’s a heck of a lot cheaper to do it that way, than to get a full gallon and realize the color is wrong.

    On the couch to seperate the rooms: Actually, this is a great idea. That way, you can have the conversation area in the middle of the room, and take advantage of that huge picture window. Nothing can beat a great conversation area with a beautiful view! 🙂

  6. Thanks Vixen, I know what we’ll be doing our now. Going to Home Depot to get test colors :hyper:

  7. Good fucking luck. I’m telling ya, it would be easier to name your firstborn than to pick out paint colours.


    I would go more bittersweet than orange though.

    Oh and Home Depot does NOT give you samples of paint. You have to order them on the website if Behr is the paint you’re gonna use…I don’t know about gliddon as to buying samples on the web. Trust me on this. I asked.

    Good luck! You’re gonna need it.

  8. Don’t scare me! I guess we’ll just have to do our best. Erik is colorblind so most of this is on my shoulders :twitchy:

  9. :wave: I never could figure out how to comment here. Look at that! I found it. LOL

    Your color scheme reminds me of our house (bedroom red, guestroom purple, office green like your site, and ‘some day kid room’ is blue…like your guest room choice. Oh, and the guest bathroom? pink. The only thing neural is our living area. I love the change from one room to the next. Plus, picking out color samples at HD is my favorite weekend past time. (= Happy decorating

  10. Kathy – :wave: well I’m glad you figured it out. I don’t quite understand why people have problems figuring out my site but it happens a lot. Thanks for the comment, I can’t wait to start painting :hyper:

  11. I like the orange. I really love bright colors, and that’s how I would do my house. A lot of people do it in New Orleans, and I like the style.

    But hey, if you did go with orange, at least your office isn’t this color (courtesy of my boyfriend’s idiot ex-roommate). It sucks so much.

  12. Sarah – Ok, that is WAY too blue. I like color but nothing too in-your-face. I like to find a medium without going too pale or too bright.

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