We Got the House!

  It hasn’t quite hit me that we’re about a month away from owning our own home.  I can hardly believe by the end of this month we’ll be painting our new home.  The house is sweet but the land is magnificent.  It’s .78 acres […]

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Is it just me or do parents these days overly coddle their children? If a kid is going to ride their bike they not only seem to be wearing a helmet (which I never wore) but are also wearing knee and elbow pads. Parents want […]

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For Entertainment Quote Friday we visit How I Met Your Mother: Barney: Ted, tonight we’re gonna go out. We’re gonna meet some ladies, it’s gonna be *legendary*. Phone-five! [slaps cell-phone] Barney: You didn’t phone-five, did you? [pause] Barney: I know when you don’t phone-five Ted.

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