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0 Thoughts on “New Blog Ideas

  1. I like mydaydream and daydreamdenial. I think I like daydreamdenial the best because of the contrast of the title. I would go with something that best describes the blog or you. But then again, I bought heather-anne.com. Not very creative!

  2. I like daydreamdenial. Same reason that Heather stated, the contrast between the two.

  3. Cool. Thanks for the comments :cheesy:

  4. musings on May 27, 2006 at 6:16 pm said:

    what about dreamscape? and why dot com…inviting additional spam and not dot org? Just a thought.


  5. Tara on May 27, 2006 at 9:09 pm said:

    I like myescape. Daydreamdenial has a negative aspect to it, to me.

  6. none of the above. you can get more creative than this.

  7. Hmmmm…. I think I like mydaydream.com. I can’t believe that’s still available – seems like someone would have scooped that up a long time ago.

  8. Way to be blunt Miss Ann :tongue:

  9. i like myescape.com

  10. I agree with Miss Ann… :paperbag:

    I know you have a good one in there… I am just not sure about thows ones.. 🙂 hug

  11. I like myescape.com

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